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Purveyors of Premium Sports, Classic & Investment Cars

The Royal Restoration - 1970 Royal Daimler DS420

A rather special classic has made its way to Laude Classic Cars. This unique classic Daimler DS420 is no ordinary classic limousine, this was previously owned by Ian Douglas Smith, the former Prime Minister of then Rhodesia and was brought to the country as a means to transport the late Queen of England during her travels in and around the country on her visits. 

We at Laude Classic Cars have a passion for all beautiful classics but our hearts lie with the British automotive classics. This is just one royal classic that we could not pass up. The Daimler DS420 was used by many royals through the course of its production period as well as some less regal individuals and companies within the upper echelons. 

Where the Daimler DS420 shows off  is in its plush passenger interior and seating arrangement, infinite legroom and step-in roof height that were all thought out and designed to cater for a very special clientele. The fold out footrests and fold up seating were a benchmark in luxury in its era.  

We will be ensuring that this particular vehicle is used for its intended purpose and that is to chauffeur valued clients to and from our Laude events. A fitting match to our company and definitely a talking point amongst guests.