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Andre Loubser

Rest Well...Race On

We were so saddened to hear of the passing of a true South African motor racing historian and classic car enthusiast, Andre Loubser. Andre passed away on Sunday the 25th of October 2020 at the Crankhandle Club October Natter.

He always greeted you with his amazing wit, way with words and his ability to recall any, if not all historic South African racing scenarios with a detail and intensity that only a true motor racing enthusiast could achieve. 

Andre Loubser, who partnered with Sir Sterling Moss in business, was an outstanding contributor to the world of South African motor racing as well as giving us, along with Jody Scheckter, one of the most amazing recollections and definitive guide to the history of the original Kyalami circuit in his book “Kyalami – A reflection on the history of the original circuit 1961-1987”

Andre was also the editor for the Crankhandle Club newsletter, the Crankhandle Chronicle: 


Our condolensces go out to his family and friends. His memory will always be echoed through time through his work, his stories and his footprint on our beloved sport.

The Laude Classic Car Team