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Purveyors of Premium Sports, Classic & Investment Cars

From a design and build perspective the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessors with a stiffer, larger monocoque which was a new concept for Rolls Royce at the time as well as taking things a step further by implementing a “fail safe” conventional braking system just in case the hydraulic braking system were to fail.

We know that the Silver Shadow rose to enormous success in the 60s & mid 70s with Rolls Royce selling over nineteen thousand first generation Silver Shadows within this period. Compared to the previous Silver Cloud models which sold just over seven thousand units within a period of 10 years. 

The Silver Shadow was truly an inspirational and popular addition to the Rolls Royce line up.   

The Bentley T1 unfortunately did not receive the attention nor adoration that it deserved during its time in comparison to its counterparts like the S-Type. Less that 2000 Bentley T1s were sold and it seems that the name change, flowing grille and softer bonnet line changes were just not enough to get the influx of sales that were hoped for.

Needless to say, the low sales numbers of yesteryear have made for a very desirable collectible for the here & now.

Its rarity and beauty with subtle changes to the aesthetic and obviously the Charles Sykes designed “flying B” emblem appeal to the true enthusiasts among us that wish to acquire something rather unique.

In saying that the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is by no means average or unfavourable by todays standard of collectible classics. We believe it is a staple in a true Rolls Royce collectors entourage but having a Bentley T1 definitely adds a unique story to tell considering its unprecedented ill receival in the 60s/70s. 

Why own a classic if there is no story to tell and the Bentley T1 truly has the makings of a great conversation.  


Both the Silver Shadow and T1 exude luxury with bold quantities of chrome that is rather typical for that era and then almost lost in the T2/Silver Shadow II derivatives. We find much more square edges and harder shapes on the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow in comparison to the softer flow of the T1. The body lines for both still formidably stand out as being typical Rolls Royce.


Under the bonnet was an L-Series V8 engine that experienced a few changes over the years starting with the 6230cc in earlier stages (Similar to that of the Silver Cloud but featuring a few minor carburettor changes that gave the Silver Shadow a little bit of extra “Gettup-N-Go” at between 180-220bhp) and then a 6750cc version that featured in the 70s. To keep the car in gear the original GM hydramatic four-speed auto gearbox was also eventually replaced on both vehicle with a smoother GM400 with an abundance of torque and effortless gear change.


The interior of these stunning classics have always piqued our interest. Both models generously fitted to a high standard of wood and leather, all very expected and very traditional to the Rolls Royce guise. 

The interior of both these beautiful automobiles was and is still today, an absolutely wonderful place to spend time.

Bentley T1 (Below)

Laude Classic Cars - 1975 Bentley T1 6.8L 10

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (Below)

In Summary:

Both superbly unique classics by any standard with endless amounts of character. Obviously this all comes down to a preference of softer or harder lines and badge but no matter which unique option you decide on, there is no loser in this equation.